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ServerPlanner MTA - Transactional & Marketing Email Partner

ServerPlanner MTA is a cost effective way to send email campaigns to your subscribers and Transactional emails for your website. We provide bulk mailing solutions only for those website who has Double opt-in users/subscribers. We do not provide any bulk mailing solutions for purchased or rented Email lists or third party email addresses.We will help you for sending emails to recipient inbox by using our advanced bulk email delivery platform.


Save Time, Resources and Money

SeverPlanner helps you focus on your business without the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining an email infrastructure. We manages all of the technical details from scaling the infrastructure to ISP outreach and reputation monitoring to whitelist services and real time analytics. Save time, resources, and money by focusing your engineering resources on your business and leave the technical work to ServerPlanner.

Incredibly Scalable Infrastructure

Whether you're sending 15k/day emails or billions of emails per month, ServerPlanner's infrastructure is ready to scale and meet the demand at any moment.We handles ISP monitoring, DKIM, domain keys, SPF, feedback loops, whitelabeling, link customization and more.We even offers unique IP addresses so that you can maintain complete control of your own email reputation.


Email Delivery Features

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